Landing Up
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Landing Up

In Landing Up, viewers get a glimpse at the lengths two young homeless women will go to in search of shelter. Chrissie (Stacey Maltin) and Cece (E’dena Hines) pull con jobs (and other kinds of “jobs”) on unassuming guys sitting alone at the bar, itching for some female companionship. Sexual favors serve as their currency. In exchange for a one-night stand, the girls get to stay off the street. Even if it is for just one sporadic night at a time. When they aren’t picked up by a stranger, they try to grab a spot at the shelter. If the shelter is full, they’re standards lower to even grittier acts of desperation.

What keeps Chrissie and Cece going is the hope that they will one day be able to afford an apartment of their own. All the drugs (selling and using,) seedy sex with strangers, strong-armed manipulation and cruel blackmail for a day’s work is all for that one goal. Cece was raised in shelters, so she assures newcomer Chrissie that this turmoil will all be worth it in the end. But at what expense?

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 9.5

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Landing Up