Cuando los ángeles duermen
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Cuando los ángeles duermen

Released last Friday in almost 100 theaters across Spain, the film raises that cinematic argument of how life can radically change us in just a moment. “My interest Sara’s Notebook is that the viewer understands the psychology of the main character who, suddenly, has to face a situation so dramatic, so out of reach,” says Bendala. In this sense, he says, the film speaks “of the superman, of the human being who has to break the chains submitted, enslaved and use force like a lion, to be reborn as a free child.” And it is not random in that sense that in a moment of the film someone read some lines of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzche.

Germán sees her future shattered when, driving home, she accidentally runs over two girls. From there the drama becomes a nightmare with dyes of horror movie. With the Maybe Shower camera always very close to the faces of the protagonists, Julián Villagrán remembers the «intensity» of the shooting, with «endless nights». Los Palacios, Utrera, Dos Hermanas and La Algaba are some of the locations of the film, barely distinguishable. «History could happen anywhere. In fact even the protagonist claims to feel lost on the road, does not recognize or where he is », says Bendala.

«The tradition of genre films in our country is very important since the time of Stories for not sleeping of Ibáñez Serrador», considers the actress Marian Álvarez (Goya for Best Actress for the wound). Next to her, the debutant Ester Expósito, recognizes that her entry on the big screen Pickpockets could not be “more intense”. “The director maintained a very high level of stress throughout the shoot so that we could do everything on our part. Because the film is that way, the level goes in crescendo throughout the entire film, without rest. And I remember how in each scene my state of shock was greater ».

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Cuando los ángeles duermen